Use of CCTV Surveillance on Employees

CCTV or closed circuit television is the use of video cameras to transmit video signals to some particular place. This is different from normal television because the video signal isn’t transmitted openly. Banks use this extensively to monitor the activities of employees and customers while they may be on the premises. With consideration of employees, CCTV’s may be used to monitor them to check whether they are conforming to the company’s policies or not.
CCTV surveillance on employees

When making use of this equipment, it is important for a balance to be struck with regard to the rights of the employers and the right of privacy which the employee has. The case of Patricia Heffernan vs. Dunnes Stores is one example of a well-balanced use of CCTV.

Dunnes Stores operate a Value Scheme through which the value card customers own is swiped at the till and the customer is able to earn certain number of points depending upon the purchase made. These can then be converted into vouchers which can be redeemed for future purchases.

The Employment Appeals Tribunal states that an employee had been dismissed unfairly despite the employee having accepted that during 2008-2009, she had applied points to her own card from customer purchases. In 2010, the Tribunal went on to state that Dunnes Stores had acted in an unreasonable manner. The Tribunal also questioned whether they were correct to allow the claimant to continue with her use of the Value Club Card in the same manner she had been without notifying the workforce and employees that doing so was not acceptable.

Thus employers need to be extremely careful when it comes to making use of CCTV to monitor the activities of employees. If an employer wishes to make use of this kind of surveillance, it is recommended that they obtain the consent of the employees as to whether they can be monitored or not. One of the ways in which employers can gain consent from employees is to make them aware of the advantages associated with the use of this kind of surveillance. Benefits associated with the use of CCTV surveillance include being able to identify any form of bullying and the identification of workers who may not be doing their job when they should be. If consent is given by employees to conduct such surveillance, employers should even post signs in positions to state that CCTV cameras are being used for the purpose of surveillance.

If a company manages to make use of CCTV monitoring in the right way, and if an employee is found to be breaking some rule and is caught on surveillance, the company is then entitled to use this footage as part of the disciplinary hearing of the employee. However the CCTV monitoring would have to be publicized and even in such cases, the employee should be given the opportunity of reviewing the footage which is to be used against them and to also be able to give a comment on it.

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How to place numbering on pdf pages using Bates Numberer

PDF file format is a recommended file format which is used for data management and is most secured file format. Many users and organizations urge to place numbering on these PDF file pages for better management. PDF Bates Numberer is a nice solution for such demand which puts a numbering in sequence on the pages of PDF files added to the software. This tool is available online and comes from a very trusted brand and hence is a reliable utility. Let’s see how it works and its output;

Pdf page numbering

Step-wise Working of Bates Numberer

  • Double-click the application downloaded and launch the software. The first window will be displayed as shown below. Click on Bates option available in Main Menu and follow the numbering process.
  • Select the type of bates numbering you want to apply on the PDF files. You can choose an option from;
  • Generate Bates Number
  • Generate Bates Number for File Series
  • Print PDF
First option will number the PDF file pages uploaded by you. A simple numbering on the PDF pages will be done with this option. Second option will offer numbering on different files with a generation of series as well. Thus a combination of numbering will be done. Third option will stamp as well as print the PDF file.

  •     Next option will be to add the PDF files to the software. Go to Add file(s) option and click it.
  •     This will link to your system from where you can add up the PDF files. Click all the PDF   files pressing Control to add more than one file at once and click Open.
  •     You can also remove the added files or move and move the loaded files. There is also an option to load all the PDF files of a folder by adding the folder directly. Also check the option of Remove Encryption from PDF and click Next.
  •    Stamp creation options: Bates Number can be created by you and for this various options are available in this software. As we have taken an option of Generate Bates Number for File Series options for both PDF pages and series will be provided.
Bates Number Format options are like; Series for Pages & Series for Files.
Under both comes Suffix, Prefix, Number of Digits, incremented-by option to customize the stamp as per your needs.

You can provide this information as per your organization name, your requirement, and your name to copyright the issued PDF files. The combination will also link the PDF files if they belong to same project or work.
Additional Text can also be provided to predefined position which is mentioned in Additional Information section.
After adding all these options click on Next.

  •     Stamp Position Settings: When you click Next another window opens with the settings respective to the positioning of the stamp you created. As it is important to create a stamp for copyrighting the PDF files, it is also important to place these stamp on the right spot. This tool allows you to do so with the Bates Positioning Settings. You can place the Bates Number on Top Left, Top Right, etc. from predefined set of positions.

There are also some advance options like;
•    Maintain Same Number Per File
•    Stamp Current Date at Top Right
•    Continue Series For All PDFs

Font and Color can also be chosen by user and provided in Font & Color Settings.
File Name conventions can also be chosen if you want to retain the original name of file or save file as first bate numbering to differentiate it from others.
Also click on Browse option to provide the location where the new generated numbered files will be saved. After doing all these settings click Next.

•    A complete summary is generated showing all the details of settings made by you. This is very helpful to view all the settings in one glance as these settings were done in sections.
A preview of bates number is also shown along with the details of position, font color, etc. which you provided to the tool. Then click on Generate option.

•    Process might take time and as soon as it is completed it will show status as Completed. And a message will be displayed that the Bates Numberer Process is been done. Click OK to this message.


The two files chosen by me has been stamped and saved as;

•    File01-ABC001Internationalz.pdf
•    File02-ABC001Internationalz.pdf

The predefined Bates Numbering has been stamped on it. You can view the outcome with the Preview option before saving the stamped PDF files. Below you can view the PDF file stamped by me. Its Font, Color, etc. can be changed accordingly and the stamp will be available for all the pages. Second file will have similar stamp with File02- before the stamp which will be again available on all the pages of PDF file.

Performance of software is very effective, although it takes time for stamping large files, but the result obtained is worth to wait for. Precision-wise also the software is excellent, no pages or files were found with incorrect or missing stamp. Software is easy to handle and the associated services like demo version and technical support leaves no stone unturned. I’ll rate this PDF Bates Numberer as 4.7/5 and will recommend this tool for both personal and organizational usage. You might want o read about the 20 google search tips that will help you search on the web effectively.

How to Recover Corrupt OST Files using OST Recovery

OST Recovery version 4.3, the newest release of OST Recovery – an .ost data file Windows based recovery product, is being looked upon as the master tool to recover and convert corrupt OST file into a healthy PST file format. The reason being, that it has been featured with several unique characteristics so as to provide its users a lot more amenities in the retrieval and conversion of either damaged or orphaned OST file.

Since its first release, the tool has been improved in various ways such as in terms of both features and working. And due to this its performance has got raised exponentially. Several alterations have been made and with edition 4.3 having been got launched early this year, it has almost captured the whole market. Its developer firm has become one of the leading data recovery industries and certainly the contribution of OST Recovery cannot be denied.

OST Recovery
Definitely, it can be said that the tool is constructed in such a way that it matches the demands of users. Lots of additional features have been included in the tool, which has made it one of the top class recovery applications when the concerned file for recovery is none but OST file. It is designed with world class enhanced functionalities, hence excels in its main task irrespective of the level of damage caused. Thence it scores the highest rank.


 Software Specifications Defined

  • Name of Data Recovery Tool: OST Recovery
  • Version Discussed: 4.3 
  • Tool’s Size: 16.2MB 
  • Compatible OS: Windows operating system only
  • Versions of Windows OS: All including 8, which is the latest


Main Pre-Requisites on the Execution Machine

  •  Installation of Outlook is a must have requirement for conversion in PST format.
  • 20MB of free space is required to install the recovery utility.


Chief Objective Stated

The foremost functionality of the utility is to retrieve all data items from corrupted or an orphaned OST file and save the recovered file in Outlook PST, EML or MSG format. Out of the three available file formats any one can be selected at a time. However, to save in all the three file types the export process should be performed again and also that EML and MSG can be used to save only emails.


Tool’s Overall Description in Comparison To Other Similar Applications


Can recover all data items belonging to all categories

The utility has the capability to recover all items be it from the category of Mails, Contacts, Calendars, Tasks, Notes or Journal. Due to this it stands above from rest, which can specifically retrieve mails, contacts or items of any other category. If all the items are to be recovered together at a time i.e. in batch it can do that easily or if the requirement is to export some particular items only it offers selectivity option to do that as well. However, at a time all or selected items of a particular category only can be exported and saved i.e. either from Mails, Calendar, Contacts, Journal, Task or Notes.


Can recover even permanently deleted data from all categories

Be it any deleted data item such as mails from Mail folder, any contact info of Contacts category, calendar items, to-do things from Task or any item from other category; all permanently deleted items can be recovered as well. And this gets possible with the Advance Scan feature provided in the tool, which is an advanced form of scanning. This really is an incredible attribute because many available tools do not have the ability to retrieve Shift-deleted items. Nevertheless, it is hard to believe as how can a utility trace-out items that are not present. The reason is that many tools fail to do so though they promise.


Can recover data items from the damaged OST file quickly

The tool takes very less time to scan the added OST file; hence the recovery process also gets speeded up. This is the reason that recovery with this particular application is a fast process. Less amount of scanning time that in turn results in quick retrieval of data items in a healthy PST file or other formats gets achievable due to the automatic scan feature rendered by the utility. With the in-built auto-scan characteristic the scanning process gets accomplished quickly, which results in quick recovery.


Can retrieve data items from an extremely corrupt OST file as well

How to Recover Corrupt OST Files using OST Recovery


Irrespective of the level of damaged caused to the OST file, its data items can be retrieved in a healthy file format without fail. The recovery from severely damaged file also mounts to the Advance Scan feature rendered in the utility. Whether the error message is ‘Cannot open your default email folders. The file xxxx.ost is not an offline folder file’, ‘Unable to expand the folder. The set of folders could not be opened. Errors could have been detected in the file xxxx.ost. Quit all mail-enabled applications and then use the Inbox Repair Tool’, etc. the application can easily fix the errors which is not always possible with similar tools.
How to Recover Corrupt OST Files using OST Recovery



Other Enhanced Features

• Provides preview option for all-categories data items. With this, users can check the recovered items before actual exportation. This serves as an extremely enhanced feature as the user can check the recovered items and save only when satisfied.

• Renders choice to split PST file into several file components after OST file conversion into PST format. The file can be divided by specifying the size as per desire of the user.


Concluding Lines

Based on the immense capabilities provided by OST Recovery, the OST to PST recovery and converter software application can be rated as 9.8 on a scale of 10. Moreover, its ability to store the exported items not only in PST but also EML and MSG without data loss and with Meta data structure of emails maintained makes it score even higher. Above all, the preserved hierarchy of other items, mail filtering option, file naming conventions amenity, etc. are some more features that also makes OST Recovery rank high in comparison to other utilities.

How To View Desktop Version Of Twitter On Mobile/Tablet

Want to surf twitter desktop version on a mobile device? Many people want to view twitter desktop version on iphone, ipad, windows phone or android devices. This is because twitter only provides the advanced features on their desktop site. The mobile version of twitter lacks a lot of essential features and users find this annoying. This is when you will want to view the desktop version of twitter on your mobile device like smartphones or tablets. Relax, we have it covered here. We will cover a trick with which you can use the computer version of twitter on mobile.
How To View Desktop Version Of Twitter On Mobile/Tablet

The internet is rapidly moving to mobile devices and the number of mobile internet users are growing fast. Most of the Twitter users tweet from a mobile device like smartphone or tablet. Twitter has a very fast loading mobile version which is convenient for surfing on mobile. But as we all know, the mobile version of any website lacks a lot of vital features. So is the case with twitter too. The worst thing is that you won't find any option to switch back to the desktop version in site.

The twitter mobile version does not offer any links to the desktop twitter version and users are left with no choice but to be limited on the mobile version of twitter. But there are times when you need to use (desktop) to perform some tasks like creating lists or just checking out someone's profile. I have myself been searching for the desktop view option on my smartphone for long. Finally, the UI switching link was found when i visited from my desktop. So that's it, they provide the desktop switching link only when visited through a desktop pc. Anyway, for all those desperate people out there who wanted this UI switching link badly, i made this post.

How To View Desktop Version Of Twitter On Mobile/Tablet

1)Just open your mobile or tablet browser.

2)Visit this link-> Twitter desktop UI

3)That's it! You are now on the desktop version of twitter with your mobile device.

If your mobile device has a screen which is big enough to navigate through the desktop version of twitter, you can easily use the twitter desktop version on your mobile. Some buttons and links may be hard to touch since the twitter desktop version is not optimized for mobile. You can enjoy all the features of desktop twitter by using this method to switch to the desktop version.

You can also read our post on how to resume failed dowloads in firefox.
So, now you can bookmark this link for future use or share it with your friends on social networks. Have a good time.

How to Recover Deleted files using Wondershare Data Recovery Tool

Loss of data has always been a serious problem for individuals as well as giant companies. With most of the data being stored on computers these days, loss of it can mean very serious trouble. To help with this kind of situation, there are many data recovery utilities available today, of which many are freeware. Wondershare data recovery is a wonderful tool for recovering data which is hardly recoverable to any of the other tools we have used. It has the ability to recover data which was lost by formatting, which many of the other tools can’t do properly. The first thing you’ll notice about this software is its clean interface which is pretty easy to navigate. It is also designed to be user friendly so that people with varied computer skills can use it easily.
Wizard mode & Standard mode
How to recover deleted files

Wondershare data recovery utility has a recovery wizard which helps anyone easily recover their lost files without much technical expertise. The wizard asks you two simple questions and takes care of the rest of the job. However, you can skip the wizard and use the standard mode if you are an advanced user. The standard mode has four recovery modules which are Lost file recovery, Partition recovery, Raw file recovery and Resume recovery. So, the software is literally made to suit any type of users regardless of their computer skills.

Lost File Recovery

If you simply deleted a file from one of your drives and want to recover it, this is the option to select. It can recover most of the files that were lost from deletion or by formatting. It finds files from a hard disk partition or removable disks. You can enable deep scan in this module to improve chances of finding your file but it consumes much more time than the quick scan. Deep scan is especially better for finding files lost as a result of formatting the drive. After the scan is complete, the found files are classified according to the file types for ease of browsing. You can either opt to recover them all or simply select a certain file type. The tool asks you for the destination folder and voila, you get your files back!

Partition Recovery

This feature is especially helpful if your files were lost from a deleted, resized or damaged partition. It does a complete scan on your physical hard drive and reports with any lost or damaged partitions from which you can start recovering files.  Recovery of files from damaged partitions is a life saver feature and it does the job really well. It can scan NTFS, FAT32, FAT16 and exFAT file systems on the drive. We could recover a far lost linux partition on a system using this feature and it’s really impressive.

Raw File Recovery

If the previous scans could not find your lost files, don’t worry yet. You can use the raw file recovery module to do a power scan which is more efficient and finds more number of files. It takes comparatively more time than the regular scan but it is definitely worth the time. The raw file recovery mode does not show the file names and path during the scan but recovers them as such. It actually finds files that are usually unrecoverable by other recovery tools that we have tried. I personally see this as the best feature of wondershare data recovery, it actually works wonders.

Resume Recovery

Resume recovery helps you pause a recovery session at any time and continue it later on at your ease. This is a really a cool feature since data recovery may sometimes eat too much time than we can afford. All you have to do is pause the recovery session and save it. You can resume from this session by going to the Resume module. This is also a cool feature of wondershare which I haven’t seen on many other tools.

So, wondershare data recovery is one best of its class software if you are looking for a reliable data recovery solution. We recommend reading our post on how to find a song using the tune.We found features like ‘file type grouping’ and ‘resume recovery’ very helpful and handy.  It has a neat interface and an easy to use recovery wizard to help anyone get their files back without much hassle.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Review

Samsung came up with the latest iteration of their Galaxy S series and called it the Galaxy S5. It is the meanest, most powerful device in the series yet and it comes with a bunch of additions and improvements. The list of features expected from this device was quite long and it wasn’t exactly something dazzling when it came out. It adds features like a fingerprint scanner to make it safer and the heart rate monitor to keep track of your fitness. The hardware is powerful as compared to the previous devices and apart from the basic hardware, they have worked on the camera as well.


The Galaxy S5 has got a camera with slightly higher resolution as compared to the Galaxy S4. It has an f/2.2 lens and an equivalent focal length of 31mm. the camera resolution is up to 16 from 13 which doesn’t seem like a huge upgrade. It is the same story with the size of sensors as well. The size of sensor has gone up slightly from S4’s 1/3.06 to 1/2.6 on this. While the sensor is larger, it doesn’t exactly translate into larger pixel size because of the increased resolution. The pixel size is a very mobile-ish 1.12 micron so you might not get an impressive low light performance. It features a new ISOCELL sensor which is something new after the Sony sensors they have been using for a while. The ISOSCELL sensor is based on an entirely new architecture. It creates physical barriers between sensor pixels. This helps in reducing the crosstalk. This way you can raise the ISO level without inducing too much noise in the image. They claim that the crosstalk is down by almost 30 percent and the actual images justify their claims.

Phase Detect Auto Focus

You might have heard people talking about the insanely fast auto focus system on the Galaxy S5. Well this is because it uses Phase Detect auto focus. This is something we have seen first time on a mobile phone. In a standard contrast detect system; the camera tries to obtain the best contrast of the area in focus. Rest of the region hasn’t got contrast as good as the region in focus. While this system is effective, it takes a while to obtain a good focus. This is because it first goes beyond point of good focus and then tracks back once it has compared different points. You might have noticed this effect while focusing on your mobile phone.

The image becomes crisp and then blurs before it reaches the crisp point again. This system also fails to work properly when the contrast is low. This might happen in case of a very bright or very dark frame. The phase detection system requires separate hardware and can be implemented in different ways. This system has been seen on various dedicated camera and while many of them use translucent mirrors to implement this, there are no mirrors on the Galaxy S5 and it is done with the help of extra lenses. The light being sent to the sensor passes through multiple plastic lens elements. When the focusing element is in the right place and image is in focus, the light from ends of the front lens will converge properly on the sensor. If that is not the case, light from the ends of front lens would not converge properly on the sensor.

The phase detection would filter out the light received from these edges to see how much they are off their phase. This helps it determine the exact amount of adjustment required to get a sharp focus. The focusing element is moved and as soon as the light information is correct, it will signal to notify that the image is in focus. This system eliminates the need of going beyond the focus point making it faster than contrast detection. It can also perform better in condition where the frame has got low contrast. But the issue here is that it relies on specific lenses that are present above the sensor. This limits the number of focus points that you get. Samsung has kept it a secret about how many auto focus points it has got.

Image quality

While Samsung has done some good with the focus thing, they have left out the optical image stabilization. Instead it relies on some software method for that. The photos that you obtain are crisp in daylight. If you compare it to galaxy S4, the differences are not very prominent but still they are present. The photos are slightly less sharp in the corners but that is something you might not notice at all.

Unlike the Galaxy S4, it doesn’t increase the sharpness much. While focusing, it uses both phase and contrast detection to speed up the process and it is a good deal faster than other high end devices. The difference is very prominent when focusing on close objects as compared to objects far from you. In low light, the camera should be a star because of the normal pixel size. Well they have taken some measures to ensure that it performs well. In auto mode, the software picture stabilization kicks in as soon as the intensity of light drops below a certain level.

It then captures a series of images to merge together and form a single image. If the subject moves while shooting, it discards certain frames that don’t fit in. overall it is a decent performer in low light but not as good as the best devices out there. We recommend reading our post on advanced google search techniques.

The HDR mode on this device is pretty good as well. It is quick, thanks to the fast camera software and powerful hardware. The results that you obtain look very natural and you can’t tell that it is a layered picture. The macro shots are decent as well because it is able to focus easily on objects that are very close to it.

1.3MP USB HD Webcam from Tmart: Review & Giveaway

Hi all! this is the first time we’re hosting a giveaway on and are very excited for you to participate. What we have in stock is a 1.3 megapixels HD USB webcam from Tmart for one lucky winner. We already got one for review and here is our review for the product.

1.3MP USB HD Webcam Review

Packaging- The packaging was reasonably good and it had moisture proof packing. It was shipped from the Hong Kong warehouse and took a bit long to reach me. Tmart offers free shipping all over the world.

Build quality

The webcam is a beast considering its price and features. It can focus from 3 cm to infinity. The build quality is reasonably good and has a rubberized grip underneath the stand which holds it in position. The lens is of superior quality and works well in low light conditions. The 6 LEDs around the lens works like a spotlight and makes viewing possible in even a very dark room. It has a built in microphone so that you don’t have to buy one separately if your pc does not have one. The cable of the webcam is long enough to fit most of the working conditions. It has a light control knob on the cable with which we can adjust the LED brightness. I find this very useful as the light can become irritating at times. The stand of the webcam has a clipping mechanism which is great if you want to fix it to a hanging position. There is a button at the top of webcam which switches between black and white, sepia and normal modes.


The picture quality is really good and works well even in low lighting conditions. This webcam comes with a high performance specially designed 5 layer optic lens. It can be used with both laptops as well as desktop computers. It employs the latest MMX technology to produce flawless visuals. The exposure control is automatic so that it adapts well with the lighting condition. The focus range is manually adjustable using the lens ring. The webcam is compliant with USB 2.0 as well as 1.0 and it is ‘plug and play’ enabled. When connected to the pc it is detected in the blink of an eye and can be used right away. For capturing video or photos you can simply find free software from the web.


The Tmart USB HD PC webcam is a reliable solution for most of your video conferencing needs and it is really great for the approximate price range of $9.28. It works great in low lighting conditions and is stable under normal usage.


The Giveaway is sponsored by Tmart. Use the below rafflecopter points earning machine to enter the giveaway. The product will be shipped directly by to the winner’s address. We recommend reading our post on how to mention on facebook mobile version.

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