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How To View Desktop Version Of Twitter On Mobile/Tablet

How To View Desktop Version Of Twitter On Mobile/Tablet

Want to surf twitter's desktop version on a mobile device? Many people wants to view twitter desktop version on iphone, ipad, windows phone or android devices. Relax, we have it covered here.
The internet is rapidly moving to mobile devices and the number of mobile internet users are growing fast. Most of the Twitter users tweet from a mobile device
like smartphone or tablet. Twitter has a very fast loading mobile version which is convenient for surfing on mobile. But as we all know, the mobile version of any website lacks a lot of vital features. So is the case with twitter too. The worst thing is that you won't find any option to switch back to the desktop version in site.
But there are times when you need to use (desktop) to perform some tasks like creating lists or just checking out someone's profile. I have myself been searching for the desktop view option on my smartphone for long. Finally, the UI switching link was found when i visited from my desktop. So that's it, they provide the desktop switching link only when visited through a desktop pc. Anyway, for all those desperate people out there who wanted this UI switching link badly, i made this post.

How To View Desktop Version Of Twitter On Mobile/Tablet

1)Just open your mobile or tablet browser.

2)Visit this link-> Twitter desktop UI

3)That's it! You are now on the desktop version of twitter with your mobile device.

So, now you can bookmark this link for future use or share it with your friends on social networks. Have a good time. 

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